The interiors of the children’s and teen rooms in the red

Children’s red and is a very dangerous easily flammable mixture, the treatment of which should be very cautious. But if Your kids have to decide what is to be the room, the room in red color is stylish, it’s cool. Younger children to choose the red color for the room cautiously. They might just get tired of the activity color, it is better to add a few details. If the child is calm, pensive, melancholic kind of red would cheer Continue Reading

Interesting interior children

Baby is very, very different, just like our kids. Kids enough to organize a bedroom and play space. A place for studying will need the senior guys. In our small apartments under baby give are not always the large room. But even in small rooms it is very important to organize all of the zones correctly, so the kiddies were comfortable. Great if you can attach the balcony-loggia — this will add the desired meters. Possible sleeping places to hide: Continue Reading

Children’s bathroom

According to many psychologists, children should be children’s bathroom. Psychologists believe that it allows children to become independent faster. Having our own bathroom stimulates interest in the procedures of hygiene. Children try to imitate adults. If living conditions allow You to do it, this article will be very useful. Tips: •You must purchase a mixer for the bath and shower which has a built-in temperature limiter water. Then the child will not be burned. •There are anti-slip coating for the Continue Reading

The design of children’s bedrooms

Children’s bedroom is a separate world for the child. The design of children’s bedrooms must largely depend on the tastes and preferences of Your child, but we should not forget about functionality and comfort of the room. Choosing the right color for the bedroom reflected on the psychological state of the child. It is believed that the yellow tones create a welcoming and positive environment, green soothes and relaxes, and blue adjusts to a contemplative mood. Best to use a Continue Reading

Crafts for children with their own hands: a collection of 50 ideas, with step-by-step examples

To make a variety of crafts for children with your hands together with your child is an exciting activity that significantly contributes not only to child development but also strengthen Your relationship with him. Any child will be very happy if he will have the opportunity to do something beautiful together with their parents. Therefore, even in a busy schedule, try to capture a piece of time to devote to his children. Sections of our article will provide useful recommendations Continue Reading

Curtains in children’s room for girls: examples of stylish modern design

Redecorating the nursery, it is important to pay attention not only to the decoration finish, furniture, and decor window openings it helps to make the room homely. Curtains in children’s room for girls have their differences, reflected in the colors, the elegance of tailoring. To make the right choice, you need to consider some important factors: the age of the child, the quality of the fabrics, features designs. Let’s take a closer look at how to put curtains with photo Continue Reading

The interior of the nursery for two children — 74 photo stylish design

Many will be interested to learn about how to design the interior children’s room for two children. It is important to know a lot of nuances, to make the room practical, safe and comfortable. Besides, it is important to listen to the two owners of the room and find compromises, because the wishes of the children can not match. However, do not despair, because professionals have invented many design options children’s for two children. Below you can read some tips Continue Reading

Furniture for children’s room for boy — 30 beautiful photo

To provide comfortable living conditions for a child is one of the main tasks for parents. Successfully chosen furniture for the nursery for a boy can make your house so cozy and attractive that the child will not want to leave. This room is able to motivate the child to new discoveries, seeking new knowledge and achievements. In this article we will try to understand the diversity of children’s furniture. Also consider the most successful its variants with examples in Continue Reading

Children’s in grey

Making children’s room, do not want to act according to pattern, pink interior for a little girls room and blue or shades of blue for a very young man. We offer you to go outside the box and do the nursery in grey color. Gray is a very interesting and complex color. It creates a very soft and enveloping atmosphere of calm and comfort, ideal for a newborn baby. A rebellious teenager grey color will create a peaceful area where Continue Reading