Stretch ceiling in the bedroom — a review of modern materials and methods of design in the interior

If You started a repair in his favorite bedroom, then in the process of decorating it is worth special attention paid to the ceiling, which often stops his glance. Stretch ceiling in the bedroom is a good choice that will allow you to avoid the long process of leveling the surface and become a real decoration of the interior. These ceilings are installed quite easily without dust and dirt and also have a variety of colors. In this article we Continue Reading

Wall and ceiling lamps — 30 photos of various types of

In creating the cozy and comfortable interior space plays a big role in lighting, which can be quite diverse. Wall and ceiling lamps, which are recognized as universal, that can be attached to a ceiling surface and the wall. They have quite a lot of mounting methods, shapes and designs. Very popular Austrian wall and ceiling lamps Globo, presented on our market in a huge variety, as well as models of Italian and domestic producers. In this article we will Continue Reading

Ceiling cornice and 22 photos of examples of modern models

One of the modern and convenient ways of fastening of window textiles is a ceiling cornice. It’s hard to imagine the design of the room where the window was decorated with curtains. They are not only protected from bright light, but give the room a special home atmosphere and comfort. Curtains can enhance the style of the room. In this article we will look at what are the options rods for curtains, and how you can be cornice ceiling under Continue Reading

Caring for stretch ceiling — pristine appearance for years to come

Suspended ceiling, as in other matters, and any other material that needs extra care. A special effort is not necessary to apply, but still, to the surface of the ceiling, pleased its pristine form, should periodically carry out a thorough cleaning. To begin, we will look at what you provides the surface of the ceiling. Stretch ceiling is perfectly flat and smooth film that does not absorb moisture and does not siplivaya large quantities of dust. Moreover, this film is Continue Reading

Rack ceiling — a stylish solution

Suspended ceilings are often installed in premises in high humidity: kitchens, bathrooms, pools, saunas, baths, balconies. And all due to resistance of material to corrosive formations. Such slats are manufactured on the basis of aluminum, and it is known to not rust. Additionally, the ceiling is perfectly cleaned of dirt, simply rinse the surface with soapy water. As mentioned above, Reiki is made of aluminum, with curved edges on the side parts. On average, a length of rail up to Continue Reading

Ceiling MDF panels — neat ceiling

Ceiling MDF panels really are a great material for finishing the ceiling. The optimal this material will be for people who want in the shortest possible time (but still comparable cheap, and qualitatively) to finish the repair of the ceiling surface. Occurs expected the question — what are the MDF panel? They are made of fine hardwood sawdust, by careful pressing. The advantages of MDF panels include: excellent quality, environmentally friendly material, reasonable cost, sufficient flexibility, variety of color palette, Continue Reading

Ceiling paintable Wallpaper

Great demand for ceiling Wallpaper that you can repaint in any shade. In our dynamic time, the material is very relevant, it’s not often you receive the opportunity to spend another repairs. Ordinary Wallpaper is not durable, will have to glue in three years. After such period, they begin to appear yellowed stains, and becomes noticeable neelektrizuyuscheysya dust. Paintable Wallpaper, allow for a major overhaul once every ten years. They simply periodically repaint. In addition, these Wallpapers provide a creative Continue Reading

Stretch ceiling — smooth, flat, perfect surface

The suspended ceiling easily transform the interior of any room, ranging from household kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, to commercial departments. The popularity of stretch ceilings won, largely due to the simplicity of installation, simplicity of care, and the perfect smoothness of the surface. Cloth stretch ceiling film made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or polyester fabric (polyester, impregnated with polyurethane). Stretch ceiling can be seamless or with seams. Ceiling with seams, made of PVC film, the width of the blade can Continue Reading

The installation of ceiling plinths

Ceiling moldings made from polystyrene extradited, does an excellent job of disguising the gaps, moreover, gives the interior fully finished, harmonious look. The advantages of shelf baseboards can be attributed to its practicality, environmental friendliness, reasonable cost, and of course the ease of installation. A plinth, made by special technology, strictly speaking, which allows him to be both lightweight, durable and elastic. Ceiling moldings are used to finish ceilings at the final stage of repair, its varied texture and appearance Continue Reading