Magnificent bedroom Scandinavian style: beauty 60 photos

Bedroom in Scandinavian style — this is perhaps one of the most trendy and popular trends in interior design today. This style has successfully been initiated, changed and settled in our hearts and homes. And why? Yes, because the Scandinavian style calls for of lightness, freedom, and making you feel like a Princess in a beautiful castle called the apartment. Today, together with professionals Dekorin roll up our sleeves, we are inspired to arrange a bedroom in a Scandinavian style. Continue Reading

How to make a bed in the bedroom a highlight of your interior?

Buying a bed in the bedroom, we make quite a difficult choice, because this purchase is not for a year or two. Want to know how to decorate the bedroom space with a bed so that it has not ceased to be of interest to you for a very long time? Dekorin is always ready to help, you know! Are you ready for an exciting and pleasant change? Go! Choose a bed in the interior of your bedroom: photos examples Continue Reading

Bedroom in the loft — a selection of modern and practical (50 photos)

Bedroom loft-style can not attract attention. It is very stylish, comfortable and modern choice, this, I think, and due to its extreme popularity. If you suddenly realized that if you do the bedroom, only in the loft — you here. Read the article, listen to helpful tips and inspire health! Go! Bedroom interior loft-style: some common features To design the interior bedroom in the loft pretty easily. Judge for yourself: you don’t need a hundred, five hundred different finishing materials, Continue Reading

King bedroom in classic style: the secrets and photo examples

In pursuit of fashion and new trends designer we forget that sometimes classic quality is what we need. As an example, the bedroom in classic style is not arrogant, not archaic and not the old, and Vice versa. Classics for the every time to rise from oblivion and look true at all times. Want to learn how to build a high-quality interior of bedroom in classic style with the best designers Decorin? Then went! Bedroom design in classic style: photo Continue Reading

Bedroom in white color: a design that radiates tranquility

Bedroom in white color can be a real refuge. Tired from the bustle and bright colors, I want to experience the peace and quiet to recuperate. Look at these bedrooms. They have some kind of elusive magic, conducive to sleep. The project Dekorin this article proposes to discuss the design of the white bedroom. Bedroom in white color — what is their secret? (With photo examples) Making hall, we try to surprise the guests. In the living room — follow Continue Reading

One bedroom apartment in Sweden

Bright apartment located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Beautiful brick four-storey house was built in the 1890s. Apartment presented one bedroom, spacious living room, kitchen, bathroom . Smooth white walls, light wooden floors, beautiful stucco ceiling and large doors and Windows are typical Swedish apartments. The interior of the residence designed in a modern Scandinavian style with bright accents on a neutral background.

Dressing tables in the bedroom interior, 10 examples

Every girl has the area in which it leads its beauty. A dressing table is a conventional mirror that shows the personality of its mistress. Because he has so much to tell about her, her preferences, and traits. First of all find out what should be on the dressing table. 1. Mirror. 2. Good lighting. 3. Convenient drawers. The mirror, a necessary attribute of the dressing table. It can be placed on the wall without occupying useful places, in the Continue Reading

Bedroom for teenager

In the life of every girl there comes a time when it no longer interested in dolls and fairies – a girl becoming a girl. So she need a good room. Will fit scenic Wallpaper. Create a “working area” for study. As a space for self-care. Make sure that the workplace is well lit. Add “smart” storage areas. The shelves behind the bed, bedside tables for books, drawers under the bed. Pay attention to the items and accessories in the Continue Reading