Magnificent bedroom Scandinavian style: beauty 60 photos

Bedroom in Scandinavian style — this is perhaps one of the most trendy and popular trends in interior design today. This style has successfully been initiated, changed and settled in our hearts and homes. And why? Yes, because the Scandinavian style calls for of lightness, freedom, and making you feel like a Princess in a beautiful castle called the apartment. Today, together with professionals Dekorin roll up our sleeves, we are inspired to arrange a bedroom in a Scandinavian style. Continue Reading

The design of the room in Japanese style — beauty is in the details on 50 photos

Eastern philosophy is not only a way of life and thinking. The Japanese used to bring harmony, both in thought and in the world. The design of the room in Japanese style — it’s a science, knowing which you will be immersed in a world of calm and tranquility, each time crossing the threshold of his apartment. Want to dive into all the subtleties of Eastern culture? Then sit back, ready to start. Go! The design of the room Continue Reading

Dressing table for girls — educate future beauty

A woman should be able to use makeup – it’s reality. But if the comprehension of the intricacies of applying makeup can be deferred until adulthood, the interest and even the habit of using shadows, lipstick and powder, have to be inculcated from childhood. Interesting Flirty woman can only be the girl who taught herself to decorate. The contents 1 the Purpose of dressing table for girls 2 Types 3 From which they are produced 4 Price furniture The purpose Continue Reading

Interior design modern kitchen: practicality and beauty 40 photos

The rhythm of life in our days is gaining momentum: deadlines, traffic, always in a hurry… interior Design modern kitchen can create a Pantheon of calm amidst the bustling city life, do not forget to save the master’s time with the help of latest technology and a convenient layout. Do you have interesting? Then let us, together with professionals Dekorin, understand what it is kitchen design in modern style. Go! Modern kitchen design: basic rules Despite the fact that the Continue Reading

The curtains on the grommet — style, beauty and luxury on the 40 photos in the interior

I agree that Windows should be decorated with beautiful curtains? If your answer is Yes, then this article is for you. Faced with the design of the window, we often wonder: how to choose the right curtains to make them look spectacular, which mounting option to choose which hardware is better to give preference to and what we will need if we decide to make the curtains yourself. Today choice Dekorin steel curtains on the grommets, which will be discussed Continue Reading

Wrought iron stools – fabulous beauty at the service of practicality in your hallway

Forged products, even the most simple, create a unique charm. Intricate floral pattern, Gothic wedding designs, graceful swirls and embossing – metal, frozen in a bizarre refined form,is a decoration of any interior. Bench in the hallway with the elements of forging – one of the many confirmations. The contents 1 In which the hall would fit hammered metal stool 2 Modification of furniture 2.1 the Use of metal 2.2 Materials 2.3 Configuration 3 Production and cost models Which hall Continue Reading

Wooden stools in a hallway countless beauty and originality

Few people are unfamiliar with the unpleasant procedure of removing shoes when after a day of work literally exhausted. How annoying at the same zastausia lightning, turning into knots of ribbons and laces, which suddenly becomes five times greater than it was. Of course, it’s not the shoes, and the need to do it all standing up. Bench in the hallway immediately solves this issue. The contents 1 which will fit wooden hallway bench 2 Types of products 2.1 Modification Continue Reading

Glass apron for the kitchen: the beauty and practicality (25 photos)

Any hostess would be interesting to know what the finishing material is better to choose for the section of wall between the worktop and the wall cabinets. In practice, you are convinced that this area lends itself to the most pollution and requires constant cleaning. Glass apron for the kitchen — the best modern solution to this problem. No tile, no more Wallpaper or paint for the walls will not provide you such simplicity to care for. In this article Continue Reading

The house in the English style — classic, elegance and beauty 33 photos

The house in the English style, quite rightly called a classic. Restraint and elegance are the main features that are inherent to these styles. Traditional English style, still contains a kind of aristocracy. In today’s world it is quite difficult to stick to one style in the design of your home, but in our article we will try to find out how to skillfully combine basic elements of English style with functionality, while maintaining harmony. And 33 photos that accompany Continue Reading

Fence for flower beds and garden beds of wood — the beauty of the natural beginning (over 70 photos)

In the last review we told you about the stone fences for beds, well, today I would like to talk about hardwood. The use of natural wood in the decoration of the infield is perfect for recreating actual eco-design, the essence of which is to use only natural materials that will not cause harm to human health. But on top of a wooden fence for flower beds besides more and look great, You will be able to see this, having Continue Reading