Bright bathroom interior

1.Bright, modern trend: bathroom with access to a small enclosed area under the open sky. With a single marble wall outdoor shower is shared space with a covered bath. 2.Minimalist bathroom design of the hotel. The interior of the hotel especially in the bathroom design, the key role played by the view from the window. A simple decoration of a bathroom there is nothing superfluous: the dark smooth walls, two symmetrical soul simply highlight the architecture of the space and Continue Reading

Bathroom design

Bathroom should be functional, easy to clean, durable, and comfortable and pleasant look. Colors and style of a bathroom can be anything. Someone likes strict and monochrome bathroom with simple clear details in the spirit of philosophical brevity Japan. Someone paints the walls with paintings of glass mosaic. Someone puts the tub between the high columns of the Greek oasis creating or embodying the ancient splendor of Italy. Someone close to the theme of mysterious India…

Eclectic bathroom

It is not necessary to throw away your favorite things in the sake of style. It is only important to group them correctly to avoid clutter of details. However, as a result you will get not a faceless magazine picture, and a cozy “house” where the interior reflects the individuality of the owner.

Modern bathroom interior

Modern bathroom interior should be a comfortable space to be stylish and comfortable. Modern bathroom interior by various trends of interior fashion. Interior fashion modern bathroom brings a range of expressive trends for bathroom design in any size and transforms it into a corner of Paradise where you can relax and rest.

Rain shower for bathroom

Imagine that You are standing under the jets of the tropical shower, but it all occurs in Your bathroom. Being under the streams of such a “tropical rain”, You get the amazing pleasure. The broad surface of the plate rain shower set up so that You are not just directed jet, and You yourself are under the rain. Complete illusion of a tropical downpour. You can customize your shower system suitable for You. The pressure falling on top of You Continue Reading

Modern bathroom

Easy asymmetry of freestanding stone sinks and massive oval bath give a sense of reliability and stability. Warm, deep gray tones and flowing lines of stone baths created for deep relaxation. All the tech filling hidden in the stone, so as not to distract the eye from the harmonious forms. Noble materials and simple forms, classic elegance and light Oriental motifs. All for enjoyment and pleasure.

Bathroom with courtyard SPA

SPA zone has expanded its borders and went outside. Tropical outdoor shower or hot tub in the open air give a lot more emotion. Through a single wall of the outdoor shower is shared space with a covered bath. Sliding glass doors can separate the areas or, on the contrary, to unite a room for rest and relaxation in the fresh air.

Mosaic in the bathroom

The materials used in the mosaic: glass, stone, ceramics, smalt, mix (combination of different materials may include metal, wood). Mosaic for floors non-slip, Shine allows you to emphasize the brightness of the walls and complement the color palette of the room. With the advent of new technology, the tile mosaic was a luxury decoration in contemporary interior.

Eco-style in the bathroom

Bath eco style is one of popular ideas. Create a bath with its own forces should be implemented in three stages: In the first step select the tiles and the repair of the bathroom. On the second and third selected furniture and accessories, the composition is supplemented by items of eco-style, harmoniously combining them with the already established decor. Creative idea of bathroom design to create the color and texture harmony of the interior is carried out on the first Continue Reading