Country style in the interior apartments and houses: country comfort photo

Country style in the interior looks so interesting that more and more people choose it for decoration of their homes. It is clear that this is no accident, because the rustic coziness creates a sweet, warm, family atmosphere from which to get out you do not want! If you are thinking over how to properly arrange the interior of the house (or apartment) in a country style, you here! Show, tell, and, as always, will tell! Ready? Go! Country style Continue Reading

Apartments from the Studio Geometrix Design

The first thing designers have proposed interesting layout: combined living area, dining area and kitchen, while depriving the room of right angles,which allowed to visually break the usual dimensions and expand the space. The entrance to the private area is absolutely not obvious to guests: the door is part of decorative glass panels with cut, it hides the whole block, consisting of a bedroom, spacious walk-in closet and personal bathroom.

Apartments in Spain from the Studio Cuartopensante

On the interior apartment of HI-MACS Doble Dueto worked Studio designers Cuartopensante. The residence is located in the city of Albaida Autonomous community of Valencia in southern Spain. A distinctive feature is the wide use of finishes, HI-MACS — natural acrylic stone-the new generation.The interior design was inspired by the Moorish heritage and a diluted Eastern notes. Gold leaf, oak, white and black colors formed the basis of the concept, and the emotion was given the maximum attention. The main Continue Reading

Design project one-bedroom apartments: 5 preset options with photos

If you wanted something new, and your apartment is brewing repair. Ready design project of the Studio apartment already prepared for you portal How to make the layout? The color and stylistic decision to apply? And finally, how to make your apartment as comfortable, ergonomic and functional? The solution to these age-old dilemmas we’ll find together on the example of five successful design project one-bedroom apartments! Are you ready? Then forward to new challenges in the repair field! Go! Continue Reading

Luxury apartments

There are people who think that the luxurious design is wasteful and there are those who support the opposite point of view because it produces a pleasant feeling of well-being. The design of Caruth Boulevard Residence in Dallas, Texas, was developed in Dallas by Tom Reisenbichler arhitektorom, it is a well-known personality in the world of design.

Apartments for couples in Tokyo

Architects Studio PANDA worked on the design of Room 407 apartments in the financial district of Tokyo, Japan. Designers had to adapt the space in accordance with the preferences and lifestyles of customers, the main requirement of which was sufficient wardrobe and shelves, subject to a maximum of openness and spaciousness.

The interior of the Studio apartments

Usually our small one-bedroom flats are limited not only meters, but also the designer’s imagination to roam anywhere. The only radical change that can afford “the apartment” is the demolition of the wall separating the kitchen from the room, and that if the wall is not load bearing. We get a Studio that honestly, youth version. For a small one-bedroom apartments is quite difficult to invent a “custom zoning”. Great if there is a niche in the room. In a Continue Reading

Interior of one-bedroom apartments

Studio apartment, recently attract a great interest of designers. This is the best selling flats, so their design is very relevant. Very often, a Studio apartment converted into a Studio apartment. In the diagrams it is easy to see all the advantages of both options. The good and the Studio is bright and spacious. Has its charm and in a Studio, without alterations, some comrades so love their “nests” just “fetched” them out will not pull. Because the flats are Continue Reading

Design small apartments

The little apartment. Of their fantasy owners sometimes surprising, amazing, disappointing, and often inspire me and make act. Well, about amazed and discouraged that I bent, but to act make sure. Now furnished with this apartment, the girl thought about his beloved, everything breathes with love and adoration. And you hear: my bed, my chair, my couch. Everything is harmonious, tasteful, everything: color, chandelier, dresser, mirror, living area, canopy bed, finally. Great solved the interior of the other apartments. Bright Continue Reading