Gorgeous duplex apartment: 70 photos with real-world examples

Duplex apartment — incredible beauty innovations, recently entered into use, but it is rapidly filling our hearts. Probably everyone has ever dreamed of a large, multi-storey private house, and to make this dream a reality in the apartment — quite a rosy Outlook, right? Today’s article promises to be very informative and unusual, so be patient and take heed! Dekorin will gladly tell you about all the subtleties and nuances of duplex apartments and even disassemble the shelves design project Continue Reading

Apartment design in loft style: how to create a creative atmosphere?

Apartment design, loft-style can cause a variety of feelings: admiration, astonishment and delight … until a light stupor and complete denial. But this style does not leave anyone. In this article the designers of the project Decorin picked up the photos with the options of accommodation space. This design can be performed in a conventional apartment. Of course, if you are imbued laptevym mood… in the mood? It may look flat in the loft? 6 characteristic features Liftovy design today Continue Reading

Minimalist interior apartment: 60 perfect photo examples for your comfort

Style the minimalist interior of the apartment with the years, gaining in popularity. No wonder, because now the era of ergonomics, and every square meter is worth its weight in gold. How to design the interior with no frills and at the same time stay satisfied with the result? Don’t know? And we know! After all, in the end, Dekorin is created to come to your aid in the most difficult situations! Ready to be inspired? Then for horses! Minimalist Continue Reading

Repair Studio apartment: good ideas for every taste (70 photos)

Started a repair of one-bedroom apartment and still don’t know how to get out of this situation victorious? How to refresh the atmosphere without spending a last resort, and not resort to costly services work? Come to the aid of the portal Dekorin! Today we will discuss successful solutions for the repair of one-bedroom apartments and will help you create the home of your dreams! Ready? Go! Budget repair Studio apartment in the new building: real photo Buying an apartment Continue Reading

Design narrow hallway in the apartment: 5 Lithgow arrangement

To successfully execute the design of the narrow corridor in the apartment very difficult, it’s true. It often happens that the standard layout of apartments in multi-storey buildings do not allow us to “roam”. It is noteworthy also that the walls forming a narrow corridor in the apartment are load-bearing, which means that breaking them does not. If by fate you become the owner of the apartment with a very narrow, long corridor — do not despair, Dekorin will help Continue Reading

The apartment is in an old house

Young and modern the owners of this apartment, found the design solution is reconstructed it from an outdated space into a pretty old house in a fresh cozy space, not devoid of elements of antiquity. Is the old decor makes this apartment the sophistication, but no matter what, the flat is modern and fresh and light.

Design hallway in the apartment: 7 receptions+69 fresh ideas

What will be the design of the hallway in the apartment depends on the first impression guests about your home. And, of course, your mood. To leave the premises unsightly? No, it’s yesterday. Take a look at the photos that you have taken command Dekorin. You will see how the corridor could set the tone for the design of the entire apartment. Well, they are ready to be inspired? Then go for it! Design hallway in the apartment — what Continue Reading

Duplex apartment

The apartment is only a rational use of the premises, despite the fact that in using the apartment are several chimneys. White color, brick, open plan lounge, selection of furniture and some design decisions made a stylish home for his young master.