Stylish design narrow kitchen — is it real? (70 photos)

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Design narrow kitchen — employment difficult. How to bypass the inconvenience and plan to make disadvantages advantages? That’s the kind of ambitious question today decided to raise the designers of the project Dekorin. The following photo examples of arrangement of the kitchen area in a wide range of areas: narrow, rectangular, long, short. Look — out is always possible.

Design narrow kitchen: the main challenges

Design narrow kitchen can be considered successful, if the room is not the feeling that you are in a tunnel or in the train.

This can be achieved in different ways. This universal solution that would fit to any kitchen, no. You need to consider:

  • the shape of the room;
  • the presence (or absence) of a window;
  • natural light;
  • the selected style;
  • color palette design.

Beautiful galley kitchen — examples of design on photos

Look at this design.

You still continue to think that a narrow room is bad? However, such hasty conclusions should not be done? The food in these photos just Shine.

If you put aside the stereotypes and arm themselves with creativity, as you can see, you can solve any design task.

Here, for example, the kitchen.

Of it is difficult to tear your eyes — it seems like you’ve been transported to the medieval era. But no. Headsets are quite modern and comfortable.

But trendy cream kitchen with black accents and interesting fitted Breakfast bar, light-coloured wood.

It is very comfortable.

And here note, as a pun on the lack of space. Instead of the wall of cabinets — open shelf solid. Looks elegant, besides it is convenient.

What could be a narrow kitchen? Examples of interior design

Narrow kitchen is not a sentence. Yes, make the interior design is beautiful yet practical it is difficult. But it is possible.

In the old “Stalin” under the cooking area is given a narrow and long room, which the owners often do not know what to do.

But in some Studio spaces, sometimes deliberately resorted to this type of zoning. Under the kitchen is given a narrow part of the room, between furniture and worktops. Here’s how it looks. Very impressive, isn’t it?

Here is an example of design where the kitchen there is even a small sofa. The resulting area kitchen gives the room a special comfort and warmth.

Design long narrow kitchen: more variations on the theme zoning

Sometimes in private homes use the following method. All the space at the entrance to the house is spent under the kitchen. Turns out narrow and fairly long room. Here is an example of such design.

How, it is convenient — you decide. But it looks fresh and modern.

By the way, similar arrangement of the kitchen in the spacious apartment.

How about this interior? See how the bar is beautifully blended with the General design idea.

How to make the design narrow kitchen, if you have a balcony?

The oversized balcony in the apartment is always a gift. Especially if it is possible to combine it with a skinny kitchen.

Can be taken on the balcony of bulky appliances, freeing additional space for dining.

It can be:

  • fridge;
  • dishwasher;
  • “stiralka”.

Here is an example of design where the kitchen is fully rendered on the balcony space.

Options design narrow kitchen with window at end

If the narrow kitchen has a window and it is located in the end of the room, it is not necessary to wrestle with the design. To use the window sill as a dining table or work surface will not work. And here is the best place for a radiator you will not find. Under the window it will not interfere with other interior.

Design narrow kitchen rectangular shape

The kitchen is a narrow rectangular shape is the most common option. These rooms can meet in the “Khrushchev” houses. Design a rectangular kitchen is usually straightforward. Importantly, not to alienate elements of the “kitchen triangle”. Stove, refrigerator and sink should be in maximum proximity to each other. This is one of the basic conditions of ergonomics — with this arrangement, the hostess will be very tired on a long rectangular kitchen.

Galley kitchen: how to make a design on the square no more than 6 sq m?

If the narrow kitchen still little (only 4-6 m), then the options for the design a bit. You need to make maximum use of all available space:

  • along the walls;
  • under the ceiling;
  • window.

Here is an example of such dishes. Please note — unused space left, but the room looks nice and cozy.

Design narrow kitchen-living room

Studio space is not only a tribute to fashion. Kitchen-living rooms have lots of advantages:

  • released additional area;
  • the whole room looks lighter, airy;
  • open up new horizons for design.

Here are photo examples of narrow kitchens-living rooms decorated in different styles.

Design narrow kitchen in the apartment — what color scheme is most suitable?

Planning design narrow kitchen in the apartment, it is advisable to pay attention to light shades:

  • beige;
  • coffee;
  • ivory.

This palette will work for visual expansion of space that is required in narrow rooms.

Win-win will be variations on the theme of Scandinavian style.

White, milky, color light wood, simple shapes and lines will do the trick.

Look for a ready-made set for a narrow kitchen is not worth it. It is better to make to order. Then we can use all the angles and linear space with the maximum benefit.

The color of the furniture should match with the walls, then set “dissolve” in the room and will visually make the space even narrower. You can choose the glossy facades. Due to the effect of reflection, the space is visually doubled.

To achieve interesting visual effects by using striped outdoor rugs. If the bands will be located across, the room will seem wider.

Design narrow kitchen — how to choose the style?

For rooms with a complicated geometry is always “work” the minimalist design. And narrow the kitchen, too. Here, for example.

But if you want you can experiment with other directions. Here is a classic style.

What do you say? Generally speaking, the classics need space to Express themselves fully. But this variant is also quite interesting.

If you like the loft, the kitchen can be designed like this.

Or so.

Please note that these interiors are taken from the loft only the individual elements. Fully reflect the ideas of this style on a narrow kitchen will not work.

What do you say about the design of a narrow kitchen? Now when you’ve viewed all the photos. I hope that in reading this article, you have spent time not in vain. If one of the photos you liked, to take on arms the main idea of the design. Read also the article about decorating a small kitchen — here, too, you can borrow interesting ideas. The project Dekorinжелает you a successful repair!

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