Select modern Wallpaper for kitchen on 70 beautiful photos

Modern Wallpaper for kitchen the imagination. Different colors, textures, materials — my head is spinning! But don’t panic! The project Dekorinотобрал examples for you design kitchens. Swipe through your photos, read the article. Hope the tips will help you navigate and choose the appropriate option.

Modern Wallpaper for kitchen — design trends

Viewing the photos you will notice that the same type of Wallpaper all of the walls are pasted over rare. Modern design should be expressive. This is achieved using various techniques. For example, it uses a contrasting color.

And in this photo, the Wallpaper in the kitchen create the background for the rest of the interior.

A lot depends on the stylistic direction. Here is an example of the kitchen in the loft. Please note that in the interior there are exposed brick walls. However, the rebellious mood felt.

Classic interiors blend modern Wallpaper with floral designs on a neutral background.

But the modern kitchen, designed in Scandinavian style. The absence of superfluous decorative elements, subtle Wallpaper and lots of light — their distinctive features.

The kitchen in the style of art Deco Wallpaper would be appropriate with large curls. This gives the interior a distinctive chic. Here are examples of ideas that will remain fashionable in 2019.

Minimalist design Wallpaper, when used, to highlight one of the walls. The rest are painted in a neutral color. Here, for example.

Wallpaper for kitchen: ideas for modern design

In modern interiors can be traced to the desire for individuality.

No need to blindly follow fashion — take as a basis for some interesting idea and organize the kitchen as you like. Wallpaper can be very different:

  • colored;
  • monochrome;
  • bright;
  • neutral;
  • with print and without.

Feel free to combine colors and textures. Unusual combinations will help to make the design really unique. But don’t overdo it — otherwise the interior will get tacky.

Creative look Wallpaper in floral print and texture of the wood.

Experiment with matte and glossy surfaces. This technique is used to visually correct the geometry of the room.

Consider which of the walls in the kitchen can be left for painting. Here, for example modern design, where the Wallpaper is perfectly combined with a bright but solid walls.

Interesting visual effects can be achieved by combining striped Wallpaper with a plain. Horizontal lines visually make the room wider, vertical — above.

In tiny kitchens, the area of which no more than 6 sq. m., it is possible to apply today popular Wallpaper with oversized designs. They have modern look, set the mood of the whole interior.

And fot examples of how mural depicting the prospects visually expand a tight space.

What is better to choose Wallpaper for the kitchen? (With photo)

Decorate the kitchen with specificity. You need to choose a beautiful and practical Wallpapers.

Paper — not the most sensible choice. These Wallpapers will quickly lose the form, not to mention the fact that to remove drops of grease or other contaminants will be problematic.

Textile Wallpaper look luxurious, but again, they are not suitable.
If you cook often and a lot, even with a good hood, they quickly absorbs various smells. To clean and wash them, unfortunately, impossible.

Pay attention to the diversity of vinyl, acrylic, bamboo, non-woven Wallpaper. Well-proven in the kitchen of cork and fiberglass.

Vinyl Wallpaper will provide the expensive look of the kitchen. They can be gently washed with mild detergent.

Of non-woven for kitchen is better to choose the ones that can be painted with acrylic or latex paints. Here is a photo with examples of contemporary design projects.

Acrylic Wallpaper in many respects similar to vinyl. They are lighter so they are easier to glue.

Bamboo look modern and stylish. Pros — does not absorb moisture, eco-friendly, durable. Minus, perhaps, the only — the price of “bite”.

Cork Wallpaper for kitchen is a real find. This finish looks amazing. Surface, pasted these Wallpapers, do not fade, does not absorb moisture, odors.

Wallpaper for the kitchen to be fashionable in 2019 photo of modern interiors

In 2019 will be fashionable Wallpapers in different styles and directions. Here are pictures-examples of modern kitchens.

Designers recommend do not bet on the style and overall color scheme. It has been noticed the impact of colors on mood and well-being. Proceed from the senses. Choose the palette that best suits your inner feelings. Surround yourself with comfortable shades and you are in trend!

Let it be, say, black. Here, take a look at the photo. Here design modern Wallpaper for kitchen.

Stylish, comfy and quite dark. The right composition and the right accents. The only thing dark colors are space.

The black color does not have to dominate. It can perform the role of a stylish edging. Here is an example of how the black sets off the other colors. The whole interior just wins, right?

When you design small kitchens is still white. His unequivocal ability to expand a space is needed here, as ever. The Wallpaper is better to use light in the small print.

As in these photos — both modern and design tasks carried out on “hurrah”.

Confidently hold leading positions the interiors done in black and white. It can be said, a classic.

For those who still want to focus on style, Decorin recommends to look at “industrial” designs. In fashion at least textiles and decor. Functionality, austerity — here’s what you need to focus.

Scandinavian style will get a new breath. These light and airy interiors will long to stay “afloat” interior fashion. And this is understandable. You see — how can you deny yourself a Cup of coffee in this kitchen.

And just chat with a loved one nice.

Modern Wallpaper for kitchen-living room

If you have a modern layout — kitchen-living room — pay attention to these examples. As you can see, Wallpapers are used in the area of the kitchen apron or individual accents. Mainly the walls are decorated neutrally.

This approach goes well with the styles of techno, minimalism, loft.

Here’s an example of Wallpaper that simulates brick masonry with cracked plaster. Bold, expressive and very cozy.

More helpful information about decorating kitchens — here.

Follow our articles, and your house will comply with the new interior trends. Keep in mind recommendations Decorin, listen to yourself.

How do you see modern Wallpaper for kitchen? I think the pictures will help you to decide on the design. A successful repair!

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