Scandinavian style interior kitchen: all shades of white (70 photos)

Scandinavian style in the interior of the kitchen will appeal to those who love comfort, simplicity and ease. The project Dekorin have prepared for you pictures with examples. Here you won’t find ostentatious luxury, abundance of decorative elements. But there is something attractive in these interiors. Look at these white kitchens. What do you say? However, bribing?

How did the Scandinavian style? (with photo examples of interiors)

Scandinavian design appeared in the second half of the twentieth century. Looking at these photos with different interiors, it’s hard not to notice that the center of attention — white walls.

In the countries of Northern Europe Sunny days a year, not so much. So, to brighten up gray days and to fall into melancholy, resort to the extensive use of all light shades. They really reflect the sun’s rays, thereby compensating for the lack of light. That’s the whole secret.

Someone who admires the purity of the white color. Someone it blows from the hospital sterility. But in the Scandinavian interiors it is perceived differently. Something fresh, whether that soulfully.

You could say it’s the triumph of moderation and practicality. However, austerity in design. On the contrary, comfort and comfort has been overlooked.

Kitchen in Scandinavian style: the main touches of interior design

Scandinavian style is universal. It looks elegant and spacious kitchens, and in those where it does not clear up. In small apartments, usually the kitchen area with modest size.

Please note in the photo. Here is how you can visually make the space wider and bigger. And, most importantly, that everything you need is at hand.

Scandinavian style is characteristic of open shelves. And yet — convenient arrangement of furniture, and frees up additional space.

Note that decorative items if there is, in limited quantities. It is important not to overdo it — the abundance of different parts weigh down the perception of design making it tasteless.

Of materials is welcomed natural wood. Due to its natural energy white walls perceived warmer. Wood in the interiors can be:

  • countertops;
  • rough beams;
  • flooring;
  • kitchen sets;
  • dining tables.

Also in the interiors of kitchens found in glass, ceramics, stone.

Another distinctive feature of Scandinavian design is the lighting. It should be a lot. In addition to the main light coming from the Central chandelier, further illuminating the working and dining areas. For this purpose, interesting lamps, floor lamps, sconces. So the interior in the Scandinavian style is becoming so easy and effortless.

Kitchen-living room in Scandinavian style: examples of interesting interiors (photos)

To submit a kitchen design-living room can be different. By the way, the photo examples of finished interiors in a Scandinavian style.

Using cool shades of boil-and-white, to make warm home design is not so easy. In this, perhaps, the main intrigue and paradox Scandinavian style.

Wall, ceiling area and floor covering, decorated in light, create the illusion of a lack of boundaries.

Windows max-free textile. Sometimes it’s a light transparent tulle or organza.

Open floor plan gives a sense of freedom. To highlight functional zones, you can make a different floor. Here, for example.

Creative looks division by painting walls in different colors.

In the role of a separating element often serves as a Breakfast bar.

To leave the entire interior is white just not worth it. This design will be dull. You can make a few colorful touches. For example, to place on the wall a vivid picture. Or on the floor —Mat of non-ferrous scraps.

How to combine kitchen with living room in the Studio, you can learn in this article. In addition to the recommendations of designers Dekorin, here are the photos creative interior solutions.

How to use Scandinavian style decorating small kitchen (photos are examples of the interiors)

For small kitchens it is quite difficult to make the design and user-friendly, and beautiful. White color which distinguishes the Scandinavian style, appropriate here the most. These photos shows the kitchen of modest size. But the interior is perceived easily in the air.

Do not rush to say that white you don’t like. Might just need to find your shade. It could be the color:

  • the egg shell;
  • baked milk;
  • cream;
  • ecru;
  • porcelain;
  • frosty;
  • ivory;
  • opal;
  • beige-white.

Wallpapers are used very rarely. More common finishing plaster and painting. Sometimes leave one of the walls of naked masonry or timber.

Here’s another bold interior. Here one of the walls is highlighted. It is painted in emerald green color.

Kitchen design in Scandinavian style. Options modern interiors

Modern Scandinavian style is constantly transformirovalsya. The design of a kitchen takes on new meaning.

Here in this photo, already felt the influence of minimalism and high-tech.

But main interior idea seasoned. Practicality — in the first place.

Generally speaking, today, the Scandinavian style at its peak. Small kitchens it miraculously expands, tiny — makes ergonomic. The photo below shows examples of these interiors.

Still dominated by white, but you can find other colors:

  • pale-olive;
  • pale blue;
  • ashy-blue;
  • turquoise;
  • grey.

Here’s an example, kitchens with black and white interior in Scandinavian style.

Please note that black only emphasizes the purity of white, but did not speak with him on equal terms.

Furniture in kitchen design: the distinctive features of Scandinavian style

Furniture kitchen interior design in Scandinavian style, as a rule, strict forms, without frills. Facades without decorative elements, smooth. Upper lockers with slatted doors, or are absent altogether. Instead of open shelves. Such sets facilitate the space, making it more airy.

Surface often opaque, but in some interiors can be found gloss. It all depends on the context of a specific design. Accessories — hidden. In modern versions, the doors are opened by pressing.

The dining table can be wooden. Counter, usually varnished.

Looking at the photos, you will be able to realize one of the variants of decor at home. Designers Dekorinуверены that the Scandinavian style in the kitchen interior will inspire you on a culinary achievements and spiritual gatherings.

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