The garden design: inspiring ideas 70 photos

Today Dekorin will offer you simple yet original ideas for decorating the space near the house. Viewing the photos you will see that it is not always a garden design

The kitchen furniture of your dreams at 70 impressive photos

Each of us wants his house was filled with comfort and beauty. Of course given the huge variety in the segment, this is not so difficult, but sometimes the choice

Kitchen in the Japanese style: Oriental splendor on 50 photos

Kitchen in the Japanese style — choice of true philosophers. You must agree, everyone wants to feel comfortable and relaxed in their own apartment? Japanese style in interior design like

The kitchen in the neo-classical style: the embodiment of progressive ideas and a tradition

The kitchen in the neo-classical style will appeal to those who are not ready for radical interior solutions, however, wants to make the cooking area a fashionable and modern. Here live in harmony the luxury of the restraint and progress. Today, designers Dekorinрассматривают “pros” and “cons” of Neoclassicism, give practical recommendations for the design of kitchens. Let’s watch together what’s what. Kitchen in the style of neo-classicism: distinguishing traits Look at these dishes. See Economics, neoclassical Economics has much in Continue Reading

The right lighting in the nursery (70 photos)

That the child grew healthy and cheerful, you need to create him comfortable. It is very important to organize the lighting in the nursery. In this article, the experts of the project Dekorin suggest to get acquainted with the principles of the selection and location of lighting. Also prepared a selection of photos with design examples. Paying article a few minutes you will be “grounded” in this issue. Happy reading! Kids room with good natural light (photos) In the children Continue Reading

Curtains-strands in the interior: an unusual and stylish decor +70 pictures

Want to refresh the design and add to his house of mystery? Curtains-strands in the interior — what you are looking for. The project Dekorin have prepared a selection of photos. Look at this fragile, airy decor. The muslin can be presented in different ways. But it will always attract attention, emphasize your exquisite taste. Curtains-strands in the interior design with photo examples Muslin was at one time unjustly forgotten. But today, in the interiors it is used quite often. Continue Reading

How to make a bed in the bedroom a highlight of your interior?

Buying a bed in the bedroom, we make quite a difficult choice, because this purchase is not for a year or two. Want to know how to decorate the bedroom space with a bed so that it has not ceased to be of interest to you for a very long time? Dekorin is always ready to help, you know! Are you ready for an exciting and pleasant change? Go! Choose a bed in the interior of your bedroom: photos examples Continue Reading

Kitchen with bright accent: ideas 70 real photo

To prepare it is in a good mood — such foods brings maximum benefit. Kitchen with bright accent able to awaken in every girl chef. Scroll selected project Dekorin. me photography. You will see how you can refresh the bored interior. A few bright touches — and here’s the kitchen filled with new spirits, and cooking routine — not a burden. Ready to create the design (and culinary!) masterpieces? Then let’s see how it’s done. Kitchen with bright accent: the Continue Reading

Bedroom in the loft — a selection of modern and practical (50 photos)

Bedroom loft-style can not attract attention. It is very stylish, comfortable and modern choice, this, I think, and due to its extreme popularity. If you suddenly realized that if you do the bedroom, only in the loft — you here. Read the article, listen to helpful tips and inspire health! Go! Bedroom interior loft-style: some common features To design the interior bedroom in the loft pretty easily. Judge for yourself: you don’t need a hundred, five hundred different finishing materials, Continue Reading

Dream design: kitchen 12 sq. m with all facilities (60 photos)

Started a repair? Dream that your kitchen is beaming with magnificence, and it was very comfortable? Then you have come to the right place! Dekorin will help you to build the design of the kitchen 12 sq m that will astound you with its beauty and bring joy every day. Today we delve into the intricacies of various layouts and will help you choose the perfect option! Ready to change your life for the better? Then went! The design of Continue Reading

The design of the attic floor: 70 photos with interesting ideas

If you think that lofts are only needed for storage of old things, you are very wrong! If you want you can make this design of the attic floor. Or like this. And then this room will be a favorite in the house. Dekorin have selected for you best ideas. Ready to enjoy the inspiring photos? And let’s do this together! Attic floor: the secret of a good design? (With photo examples) The attic floor is a real challenge for Continue Reading

The design of the hall in a private house: 60 photos of examples of successful solutions

In order to make the design of the hall in a private home, most often, have to bother. Agree, because hall is the face of the whole house, a room that should reflect the style and General spirit of the home. Today experienced designers of the project Dekorinприготовили for you the most interesting selection of photos of examples of successful solutions for the design of the hall in a private house. Are you ready to share inspiration? Go! The design Continue Reading

The TV in the kitchen: how to make the right choice? (+50 photos)

Whatever the square footage, style and layout of your kitchen, there is one little thing, which can not do without a TV. Yes, the kitchen is an essential thing, that’s for sure. However, all becomes clear: in the kitchen space will not fit anyhow any TV, and where to put it… Asked such questions? Then today, together with the best professionals Decorin, we will look into this sensitive topic and decide which TV to choose for a kitchen and where Continue Reading