Magnificent bedroom Scandinavian style: beauty 60 photos

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Bedroom in Scandinavian style — this is perhaps one of the most trendy and popular trends in interior design today. This style has successfully been initiated, changed and settled in our hearts and homes. And why? Yes, because the Scandinavian style calls for of lightness, freedom, and making you feel like a Princess in a beautiful castle called the apartment.

Today, together with professionals Dekorin roll up our sleeves, we are inspired to arrange a bedroom in a Scandinavian style. You want to join?

Then go ahead, read on!

Scandinavian style bedroom interior: features and attention to detail

So, let’s begin. To describe the main tenets and principles of the Scandinavian style will not be (after all this you can read here), but features the arrangement of bedrooms to share.

Feature No. 1, Eclectic bedroom design in Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style bedroom interior is characterized by a tendency towards eclecticism. What does it mean? First, if you noticed, in the bedroom of this type can migrate fairly universal accessories suitable for other styles. See photos:

For example, this chandelier is quite a derived from loft

… but these cute, braided rugs from boho-chic.

However, this does not mean that a bedroom in a Scandinavian style — is a collection of everything that came to hand, no. A sense of style and action just has not been canceled.

See, because these pictures show how carefully and successfully looks each element of the decor, though prikochevali they come to us from completely different styles.

Feature No. 2 Wallpaper in the bedroom Scandinavian style

In Scandinavian style can be everything, but in moderation. Let us consider the example of the Wallpaper. This is where you can roam on!

Wallpaper can not be glued, as on this photo:

Wallpapers can borrow from the style of Provence (remember postulate about eclectic):

You can make accent wall bedside (or anywhere else):

You can even use photos and 3D Wallpapers! Look how beautiful and very atmospheric. Cool, right?

So the Wallpaper in the bedroom (whatever they were) would be complementary to, and can fully Express the Scandinavian style in the bedroom. It’s convenient, isn’t it?

Feature No. 3 Curtains Scandinavian style in the bedroom

Curtains — a separate issue. It’s all very simple, discreet and unobtrusive. If you dream of a heavy, embroidered gold curtains — you are not here. Because curtains Scandinavian style in the bedroom is a simple, natural materials in the floor that are designed to spread the natural light around the room, not to collect dust.

By the way, to make the bedroom even more airiness and feeling of lightness use lightweight tulle. It will lighten your room and diffuse sunlight, creating the effect of snow, cool morning in the mountains of distant Scandinavia.

Like? Us too!

Feature No. 4 Chandelier in the bedroom in Scandinavian style

As for chandeliers, then you can not “be bothered” on this issue. It will be enough minimalist Ilyich bulbs on a black wire hanging above your bed.

If you want more light, do that “spider” (see photo below), and the beauty you provided!

The most remarkable thing in all this is the fact that all these devices can be built with my own hands! Not bad as you think?

If you wanted something massive, note these options:

Knitted lampshade, or a beautiful monoplane the globe will complement your interior and take some part of attention.

As is the case when the chandelier in the bedroom Scandinavian style takes the role of one of the main accents in the interior.

Feature No. 5 bed in the bedroom Scandinavian style

The bed in the bedroom Scandinavian style may be different. Let’s see!

  • The bed should not be a massive railings;

  • The design should be made of natural materials (preferably wood);

  • If you want to focus on the box, use the reception as in the picture below:

  • You can not bother and put a huge mattress on the floor — that you have and the bed.

The main requirement is that the bed must be massive with lots of pillows of different shapes, quilts and warm blankets, then we will have achieved the needed effect within this style.

White bedroom in a Scandinavian style — the genius of pure beauty

White bedroom in a Scandinavian style — a choice for the brave. Well, you will agree that many of us are afraid of the fact that the white wall will remind the hospital, quickly get bored or dirty. However, the beauty that you can give the white color in the bedroom is incomparable! Look at the examples:

Yes, of course, white should not be everything. This is the case when we can, and even should, to set off and accentuate certain areas with the help of accessories!

It can be frames on the walls, lamps, blankets… everything, in General!

Don’t worry, white bedroom not boring you, and it can Supplement any accessories and pleasant trifles — it is convenient.

Grey bedroom, Scandinavian style with practicality and austerity

For fans of less risky decisions good grey bedroom, Scandinavian style. Look how this color can be used in so many different ways!

Interestingly, even the dark gray walls in the framework of the Scandinavian style look not gloomy, but very stylish and interesting, isn’t it?

Grey can be combined with a basic white color like this:

With all shades of wood, as on this photo:

Linen grey is a wonderful complement to the image of the bedroom, and certainly will be more practical than his white counterparts.

In General, grey bedroom Scandinavian style will not disappoint you, so try everything and enjoy the result!

Bedrooms in Scandinavian style loft: a cozy corner

If you live in a private house or in an apartment on the top floor, you can arrange a bedroom in the attic.

The Scandinavian style is the best fit to the roof space. After all, rough walls and wooden beams there will be only a decoration for your beautiful eyes. See for yourself how it can be beat!

In short, the beauty and comfort of bedrooms in Scandinavian style in attic is caused by the specificity of the structure of the premises. So this choice will be win-win, that’s for sure!


Well, with the basic principles of the style you are familiar. Hope you liked the article, and your bedroom Scandinavian style now will get the appearance that you would like. We wish you good luck and new achievements for the design Olympus! Believe in yourself, surround loved ones with warmth, beauty and love!

Always your !

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