Kitchen-Studio with living room: the advantages of open-plan (70 photos)

Kitchen-Studio with living room is a great solution in a small apartment and a private home. Why, ask you? It’s simple: it is fashionable, aesthetically pleasing, convenient. The team of designers Dekorin proposes to assess an organization space on the selected photo for you. Ready to enjoy interior masterpieces? Then went!

Kitchen-Studio with living room: from optimizing space to psychological comfort

Not everyone is fortunate enough to be owners of luxury mansions with spacious rooms. There ceilings are not under pressure, everyone has a room, kitchen — even a horse ride.

What about those who live in a modest “kopeck piece” or “small”? Square meters one-two and obchelsya, a small space for more rooms. Psychologically, a person is difficult to be in such a situation — eyes looking for freedom. So it makes sense to do the Studio, connecting the kitchen with living room.

The lack of walls-walls will make your living space more airy, more dynamic. A correct design will fill your home atmosphere of coziness and warmth.

Design Studio: the subtleties of combining the kitchen with living room

To make the employment difficult. And it’s not about what you will need to spend time and nerves. To resolve the technical issues on the redevelopment — it’s not so bad. Still need the right approach to the design of the kitchen with the living room.

And this is important:

  • the choice and placement of furniture;
  • the style of the interior;
  • the dominant color in the design;
  • organization of lighting.

But the main thing — desire! Take forward the recommendations of the project Decorin approach to the repair of accountability and inspiration — and succeed at its best!

To make living room 18 square meters Studio is, if you use the kitchen infrequently. Otherwise, cleaning and maintenance of style will take a lot of effort.

  • The open floor plan is popular not for nothing. The lack of walls between rooms:
  • makes the space brighter;
  • allows efficient use of space;
  • gives more freedom for movement;
  • fills the living space dynamics;
  • inspires creativity.

Interesting design Studio-kitchen combined with living room (with photos)

If your order is not more than 18-20 m., the design Studio living room with kitchen to perform better in bright colours. It will visually make the space taller and wider. By the way, the examples in the photo.

Bright — not necessarily white. There are many interesting pastel shades, which will help to unlock the potential of the living space to the maximum.

But the main rule is the following. Design Studio-kitchen combined with living room should be made in the same way. As a play on the overall interior style can be seen in this photo.

As you can see, the walls, ceiling, floor if different, it is just a couple of tones.

Interior living room-Studio combined with a kitchen can be very different in style from understated classic to the brutal loft.

Speaking of the loft. This is not always the bare brick walls, concrete, rough utilities.

Here is an example of so-called women’s loft. Everything is neat, but the character can’t hide. Do you like it?

Design Studio: kitchen with living room (30 squares)

The design Studio is 30 square meters can be made more intense in terms of color. As you kitchen design with living room?

Here, for example, harmoniously combined with hints of chocolate.

Deep brown, beige, coffee fold like a puzzle in a single interior ensemble.

Love the atmosphere of holiday? Then you can do something like that.

But restrained interior. This design Studio will appeal to those who don’t like variegated things and feels comfortable in a simple and functional design.

Here is a photo example of the interior of a living room with kitchen in modern style. Special energy design Studio gives a combination of light wood with a gray metallic color.

Kitchen combined with living room — visual separation of zones in the Studio

Proper furniture placement can ensure that the Studio is comfortable and cozy. Even between the combined living room and kitchen, no obstacles, it should be clear where you are in the moment.

These photos are the most common techniques:

  • multi-level ceiling;
  • the podium in the kitchen area;
  • the sofa between the two spaces;
  • racks;
  • false wall;
  • different flooring;
  • partitions (glass, wood, mirrors);
  • folding screens;
  • Breakfast bar or dining table.

Thanks to conventional boundaries, the Studio acquires the structure and a certain order.

Design Studio-kitchen combined with living room set lighting accents

To achieve a visual division of the different zones in the kitchen Studio combined with living room, using elaborate lighting. This is especially true of the design of small spaces. Despite the limited area, the living space should be well lit.

In the relaxation area, where there is a sofa and dining table, a chandelier is usually used. It can be starting point of the whole design or its logical conclusion. Original look the same fixtures located above the kitchen. Here, as in these photos.

To emphasize the different functional purpose of the individual segments, due to the framing of the corresponding area on the ceiling. It can be:

  • plasterboard box;
  • another texture of stretch coating;
  • spotlights, arranged in a special way.

In the kitchen area need to be sure to highlight the working and cooking surfaces. Interesting effects can be achieved through led illumination, put on the bottom of kitchen units. This will make the design more stylish.

Want to learn more about zoning in the Studio? The designers of the project Decorin recommended to read here this article.

Your kitchen-Studio with living room does not have to be an exact copy of one of the photos. Take any idea. And make the interior individual convenient for you.

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