Kitchen living room in Scandinavian style: three unusual solutions

Kitchen living room in Scandinavian style in recent times is gaining popularity among designers and citizens. Why? The answer is simple: this option not only looks fresh, eco-friendly, practical and attractive, but also embodies all the iconic dictated by the world of fashion, the tenets. Naturally, professional team Dekorin. me just couldn’t stay away, and now we will tell you all you wanted to know about Scandinavian design in the interior of the kitchen.



Kitchen living room in Scandinavian style: creative solutions for creative you!

Think about how often, making repairs, you asked the eternal questions about how to decorate a kitchen Studio so that after a couple years the design remained the same fresh and not tired you? We believe that this dilemma is not easy, but the Scandinavian style is able to save the day!

Team Dekorin made for you a selection of three interesting stylistic solutions to make your kitchen a living room in Scandinavian style looked just fine!

Small kitchen living room in Scandinavian design, crowded but not mad

If you got a small, cramped kitchen is not a reason to despair! The popularity of Scandinavian style due to the fact that it allows you to visually expand the space and refresh the atmosphere even in the most inappropriate conditions.

Look at the photo examples below:

Right beautiful? And the most interesting, nothing complicated! Contrasting wall combined with white facade of the kitchen is a very fresh idea, isn’t it?

But the option of a narrow kitchen. See, in this incarnation it looks very simple and beautiful. We are told that the Scandinavian style is a godsend!

Kitchen living room with fireplace Scandinavian style: authentic comfort in a city apartment

The fireplace has always been associated with comfort, so historically. Northern European (i.e. Scandinavian) style, by the way, is the best tool to install a fireplace not only in a private home, but in a city apartment.

Natural wood, stone, ethnic motifs — all of these elements directly “asked” to be complemented by a beautiful fireplace. Look!

If the technical possibilities of your apartment or home does not allow you to install a real, wood-burning fireplace, don’t despair! Kitchen living room with fireplace in the Scandinavian style involves the possibility of setting a simulation option. Look how beautiful it is! Not fake!

Electric fireplace not only will warm you in cold weather and still gives the feeling of unforgettable comfort and harmony with myself, cool, right?

A fireplace in the living room Scandinavian kitchen is one of the most significant, the accentual attributes, do not forget about it. Try to design the interior without overwhelming it with small elements, and obey the presence of the beautiful fireplace.

Kitchen in a Scandinavian style cafe: photos of unusual solutions

Lately in the world of interior design we can see a very unusual trend — the kitchen cafe. Such an interesting solution, we began to see more and more often. What is so special about it, it would seem rather strange admission, do you think? The answer is in the photo below!

Probably each of us sometimes want to run in a cozy, warm coffee shop and enjoy the aromas of delicious teas and pastries, but if this cafe is located right in your apartment? Tempting, isn’t it?

Among the advantages:

  • Kitchen in a Scandinavian style café is just perfect for kitchenettes.
  • Still looks great the design attributes of the café exactly on the basis of the Scandinavian style. We told you that this style can be almost universal, now see for yourself!
  • In the kitchen corner you can feel like a real designer, a Creator, so to speak! Invent crazy ideas and bring them to life, and if the interior is boring, you can always refresh with the help of additional minor attributes. So!

By the way, if Scandinavian style is firmly entrenched in your soul, read this article. Here are the details.

Kitchen living room in Scandinavian style is huge field for experimentation. To safely handle the creation of a private, extraordinary, lovely, unique design! Believe me, it will return to you with interest. Remember that to create beauty around oneself is not so difficult, especially if you have helpers team Dekorin!

Good luck!

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