Kitchen in the Japanese style: Oriental splendor on 50 photos

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Kitchen in the Japanese style — choice of true philosophers. You must agree, everyone wants to feel comfortable and relaxed in their own apartment? Japanese style in interior design like no other will help you in finding your “Zen” and make the world around you a little better. Look at the photo:

Confess, wanted the same?

Then go ahead!

Kitchen in the Japanese style: good design, photos examples

Kitchen in Japanese style is a great example of design that combines all important for the modern man factors: practicality, beauty and comfort.

In fact, the Japanese style is a variation of modern minimalism with a features — the presence of a special spirit, the spirit of the East.

Eastern culture implies a harmonious zoning, the use of natural materials, the correct placement of accents. This means that the Japanese spirit filling your apartment, you will not regret about the made choice.

If you, like anyone way the harmony and peace of mind, if pedantry is your alter ego, read on, as we go into the topic on the shelves.

Japanese style in the interior kitchen: features and rules

Japanese style in the interior of the kitchen assumes the existence of very strict rules. In this case, to make a “mate” will not work, in order not to go beyond the conventions of the style, offer you a few basic tenets:

  • Kitchen in the Japanese style involves the use of natural materials in the decoration. The most popular of these is bamboo. Sure you have heard about the wonderful properties of this tree. Not only that, it is quite durable and multi-functional for use in the home, bamboo will serve as an excellent material for finishing and kitchen decor.

  • A lot of light. In order to remain harmonious, Japanese style requires a soft but abundant lighting in the kitchen interior. Special lamps, sconces, lights and lamps will gently diffuse the light throughout the room, while perfectly complementing the overall picture of the interior.

  • Symmetry, geometry of forms and harmony of colours are very important factors. On the photo posted below you will be able to assess how all these beliefs are true. Following the rules you will need to create fine cuisine in the best traditions of Japanese culture!

Kitchen design in Japanese style: the good solutions on the example of completed projects

So, General postulates, corresponding to the style we understood, we now proceed to a deeper study of the topic. In addition to the overall picture with pedantic rules, kitchen design in Japanese style is very right for interesting accents. Of course, to create a kitchen according to the canons of style interesting, however, to add a little “zest” and refresh obstanovochku would be quite superfluous.

Well, let’s see how we can embellish the Japanese style and fill it with personality.

Aprons for the kitchen in Japanese style

Kitchen apron — the perfect field to Express their dissent and bring zest to the interior. Look at the photo:

Aprons for the kitchen in Japanese style can decorate a beautiful canvas. The image cherry blossoms, houses with pagodas, but just characters looks just wonderful!

Plus the fact that you don’t have to seek out ready-made tile and spread it like a puzzle on the wall. Now you can order any print and make professional pictures of the knurling on the surface of the apron. Most importantly, make sure that the quality of the material does not disappoint.

Like the idea? Then success to you!

Curtains in the kitchen Japanese style

To the delight of all who love practicality, curtains in the kitchen accurately reflect the Japanese style can look different. The only exception is fabric curtains and tulle. Accordingly, Roman, roller shutter blinds and even blinds are ideal for creating the right atmosphere. Plus the fact that you can choose the most convenient and suitable option.

Well, now, you’re ready to build, beautiful! Kitchen in the Japanese style will fill your home with warmth and harmony. Oriental motifs are able to take you in a completely different, more peaceful and beautiful world. Create beauty for themselves and their loved ones, be happy!

Your Decorin!

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