Kitchen in the English style — ideas for the decor+70 pictures

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Kitchen in the English style — not a cheap pleasure. This interior will appeal to true conservatives and lovers of good-quality materials. Designers Dekorin propose to run through the main features of this interior areas. Read, watch selected photos. And then decide whether you want a decoration in your kitchen or not.

What is remarkable kitchen design in the English style?

Take a look at the design of the kitchen. They are all different in mood, atmosphere, but they share some special British spirit. English style — the concept of a purely conditional. Do not rush to remember its main characteristics. There is more need to trust your own understanding of British “weirdness” of manners and habits.

Browsing photos, you can find items:

  • Gothic;
  • Victorian era;
  • the colonial style.
  • Baroque;
  • shabby chic;
  • country;
  • design in the spirit of “Cool Britannia”.

When making use of only natural, high-quality materials. The furniture is solid, even bulky. It can serve as a faith and truth more than one generation and even to be a family heirloom.

The color palette is rich. Shades of natural, pleasant. As the core is usually:

  • warm brown;
  • beige;
  • brick – red;
  • terracotta;
  • pistachio;
  • dirty blue;
  • mustard.

At least in the kitchen design used green, blue. Here are examples of British interiors with unusual color solutions.

Please note how impressive grey kitchen in the English style.

Wooden floor light-coloured walnut harmonizes with the deliberately simple dining table. The walls are decorated with Wallpaper in a floral print on a gray background.

And here’s another one of the options — the kitchen in the style of an English pub. A bar counter of solid oak is impressive. Effectively looks “bare” brick walls.

Kitchen in the English style: 5 starting points in the interior

Rhythm, silence and peace — nobody is in a hurry. This is probably the main message of a kitchen in the English style.

There are several branches of this direction:

  • Country. This design is filled with rural motifs: beamed ceilings, abundance of textiles, vintage (possibly distressed) furniture.

  • In a classic style and feel a deep connection with the traditions. This is a sample of sophistication and refined taste. The luxury interiors speak of the respectability of the owners. However, on the specious bombast of the question. Restraint and elegance — this is how one can briefly describe the design.

  • Modern style. Very similar to the classic, but the technique is not particularly hiding behind furniture facades, and is part of the interior.

After you decide which direction you want to see your kitchen, you need to choose a main color.

Then follow these principles and make it happen:

1. Tradition. The kitchen should invite to cooking. A lot of dishes, accessories — shelves are literally bursting with an abundance of spices in different jars. Cooking surface with a bunch of burners (even if you have to cook a couple times a week)

2. The beauty and restraint of the decor at the same time. Lovers of textiles can afford heavy curtains with pelmets, colorful potholders, set of towels, tablecloths. Wallpaper in floral print. Most often it is roses. But you can find stripes. From the English style interior breathes romanticism and good manners. But try not to clutter the kitchen with unnecessary details.

3. Solidity and elegance. Furniture large size is wonderfully combined with textiles. With bulky cabinets interesting curls on the legs, ornate carvings on the walls, interesting furniture made of bronze or copper. Harmony between the parts makes the design sophisticated and aristocratic. As in these photos.

4. Materialism. In any kitchen in the English style, much attention is paid to the nuances. Each piece is not random. It has its own history and energy. Overall, the space feels lived in and slightly cluttered.

5. Harmony between the elements. The whole interior arrangement looks like a single unit. Even things that are completely unrelated, be an important complement each other. This effect can be achieved by the use of wood. This material serves as a connecting element. It is used for decoration of floor, ceiling, walls. The furniture is also often made of expensive wood. Read also, how to take care of this kitchen in this article from the professionals of the project Dekorin.

How does a kitchen-living room English style?

The interiors in the English style needs space. By the way, the photo examples. Most impressively, this direction manifests itself in the kitchen where you don’t need to chase every square meter.

In order to implement the idea with the English style in the free layout. By merging kitchen space with the living room turns into one total. Here’s how it might look in finished form.

Please note the zoning. No partition — the division into zones is accomplished using lighting.

Kitchen in the English style — essential elements of the interior

At the center of the kitchen in the English style is the island. Look at these interiors. Isn’t it great?

Over the island, usually there is a hanging shelf with cooking utensils, tableware. The work area is equipped with all amenities.

A favorite trick of the British to flaunt expensive dishes from porcelain ceramic figurines. So open shelves here — not uncommon.

The presence of the working surface at the center of the kitchen does not preclude the location of the dining area. Typically, this is a big table oval or rectangular shape.

Another sure “sign” of the kitchen in the English style — ceramic tiles. It resembles brickwork. Used as kitchen apron.

In the arrangement of furniture, the design of the ceiling can be traced to the clarity and symmetry.

Countertops are made from natural or artificial stone.

Modern technology is usually hidden. For example, the hood mask massive decorative box. It simulates the stove niche.

How to decorate in English style small kitchen?

As already noted, English style requires a free space. In a small kitchen on the 100% implementation of the direction will be difficult. But worth a try. Get inspired by browsing through photos.

I see a small square — not a reason to abandon their desires.

First you need to choose the right color palette. Bright shades of beige, milk, white visually make a small kitchen more spacious.

Walls low kitchen paste over Wallpaper in a vertical strip. Firstly, it is British. Secondly, visually, the ceiling will be higher.

On the ceiling in the English style (with elements of country) it would be good to place the beam. In the classic version — you need stucco moldings. But if the apartment is small, and the kitchen area is limited. In this case it is better to make the ceiling easier. For example, to align and paint. Suitable white matte paint.

Furniture pick in tone finish wall. Cabinets kitchen cabinets with stained glass. And always under the ceiling. Still one of the best options open shallow shelves.

You can combine kitchen island with dining table. So, for example.

Why popular white kitchen, English style?

Want to experience the feeling of calm and solidity? Choose English style. And if the kitchen decor is dominated by white color, this is a separate topic of conversation. Such premises look clean and bright.

However, white needs to be careful. If you make mistakes, the kitchen will be faceless and cold. The main color of the design should be slightly creamy, perhaps ecru or dairy. But snow-white will not be able to convey the right mood.

Here, examples of the interiors. Please note that white, though dominant, but he still needs additions.

As used here accents the flooring, table legs, chairs in black.

And here the bright kitchen is set off with black countertops. Her tone matched textiles.

And this white kitchen gets expressive at the expense of the island with shades of turquoise, wooden chairs, floor covering in light wood.

As you can see, the kitchen in English style, very cozy and comfortable. Solid materials, the abundance of textiles and other decorative elements do their thing. The kitchen becomes a favorite spot in the house. Professionals project Dekorinнадеются that you liked the selection of photos. And will be happy if can help you select stylistic direction of repair. A good rework!

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