Kitchen design with Breakfast bar: a lot of interesting ideas for you

Undertaking the repairs in the kitchen, we always ask a lot of questions: what design and style to choose that are in trend now and how to make the kitchen as comfortable and beautiful? Today we will discuss kitchen design with a Breakfast bar as a way to make the interior unforgettable. You will find many photo examples and tips to help guide your creative forces in the right direction.

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Kitchen design Studio with a bar — perfect in every sense, options

If you think about the question: “why designers actually came up with the idea to set the bar in domestic kitchens?” The answer is one — kitchen Studio! Yes, it is thanks to the popularization of this kind of layouts we have the opportunity to set the bar at home.

So what is the advantage of a kitchen design Studio with a bar? Let’s see.

  • Zoning

The first and most important functionality of the bar for Studio is visual separation of the kitchen and living room. The same applies to the kitchen, and even kitchens-bedrooms (floor plan there are all sorts). In cases where space is deprived of the excess Perestenko, avoid interior chaos, we need to divide the room into zones. With this great handle bar (especially if done in a contrasting color).

  • Unloading space

No matter how small was not flat, we all want to have a dining area, agree. Make eating on the sofa in front of the TV can and fun, but at some point boring. So, in this case, you will nothing like a Breakfast bar! With the right choice of rack you can even family dinners to arrange her! Isn’t that wonderful?

  • Additional functionality

If you want to make the space in your kitchen more “useful” (functional) think about kitchen island with Breakfast bar. This design, which not only performs sonorous function, but can be used as a working surface! In the island you can install the sink and the countertop, for example, and the rest of the island will go under the bar.

Only that it is not necessary to build in the island is the stove. You see, without the hood will be hard, and uncomfortable.

  • Niches for storage

Kitchen design with Breakfast bar does not commit to minimalism. If your kitchen lacks storage space for utensils or appliances, for example, use a bar to good use. Make it massive, and at the bottom keep right things, that’s all!

The design of a small kitchen with a bar: simple and ergonomic!

The dimensions of the kitchens are different, and if you got a little — is not a sentence. Using the right accents you will be able to avoid the effect of total tightness.

This design of a small kitchen with a Breakfast bar done in bright colors. Well, let that small stands quite tiny, function-that your it performs. Agree?

Here is an example of insanely stylish, and uncluttered counter. Dining area is decorated so because of lack of space, but looks great, such a cozy corner.

There is also such know-how, as a bar transformer. This coffee table on wheels just find for small apartment!

But you options when stand, regardless of the location surface, screwed directly to the wall. The second option is a convertible (note the wheel). Such a stance take any form, depending on the number of people sitting at it. Cute, right?

And this kitchenette copies the interior of cafes. Not only that, takes up little space but still give you the feeling that you are somewhere in a bar on the shore of the Mediterranean sea!

So the design of a small kitchen can not only decorate your interior, but also to expand the functionality of the kitchen. Try it and see for yourself!

Design narrow kitchen with Breakfast bar: examples of good way out

The most uncomfortable option of the kitchen is narrow. Just imagine how much trouble with such a plan? But not used to give up and picked up a couple for you successful solutions narrow kitchen with Breakfast bar.

Design narrow kitchen suggests a lack of “air” in the aisle, and if you want to equip the bar, do it transformeres, as here, for example:

Or set to go along the free wall, as here:

There is also a good example of a narrow kitchen, which is equipped like the coupes. In the wall with a Breakfast bar, there is sort of a window opening, which leads into another room. Thus, there is the illusion of having free space. Rate:

Design narrow kitchen with a Breakfast bar to build is not easy, however, as you have already noticed, it’s possible. If you made a decision, don’t let circumstances distract you from achieving your own goals, go for it!

Kitchen design with Breakfast bar at the window — lunch with a view of the city!

Yes kitchen design with Breakfast bar is still able to present you with a couple of surprises, to be sure!

How do you like the idea of placing the bar in place of the sill, and? This is where pure ergonomics!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner with favorite views of the city, bathed in the morning sun the smiling faces of your favorite people… Like the idea? Well, then, take note!

Actually, the bar at the window tooling is very simple. It can be simply extended sill

… or stand, continuing a counter, as you please!

Plus the fact that this design trick will not only save space in your kitchen, but also looks progressive, creative and very beautiful, agree!

Our article has come to an end. We discussed and reviewed the design of the kitchen with a Breakfast bar with a completely different angles, using different approaches and tricks. As you like it? Whether you chose something for yourself?

I hope so, because Dekorin tries for you! Be happy, surround yourself with beauty and good luck on the repair field!

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