How to choose linoleum for apartments? The recommendations of the professionals.

Question: “How to choose linoleum for apartments?” is not as simple as it seems. You can, of course, measure the area of the room and buy the first any color. But, will this purchase benefit? Or after six months, it will become clear that the money thrown to the wind, and the flooring needs to be changed. We offer you a detailed overview of the options from the project Dekorin — read, draw conclusions and avoid unnecessary expenses!

How to choose linoleum for apartments: important points

Linoleum is used everywhere. It is chosen for the decoration of apartments, country houses, offices. What to look for in the store building materials, to the purchase was successful?

What quality should choose linoleum in the apartment?

All kinds of linoleum coverings are divided into natural and manufactured synthetically. Now you’re probably wondering? Many when the word linoleum is an Association with PVC. But in reality, PVC only do artificial linoleum. But the natural is made from wood flour, flax oil, resins of coniferous breeds with the addition of lime.

Before you can choose an expensive flooring in the apartment, decide the purpose of the room. To pay more for high-quality natural coverage makes sense if it is intended for the nursery.

This linoleum has antibacterial properties. For other rooms it is quite suitable version of PVC.

What class of linoleum to choose for an apartment?

All the linoleum is divided into classes of strength and durability.

The floor surface is covered with a protective layer which prevents abrasion and occurrence of dents.

Linoleum can be:

  • household (the thickness of the protective coating is only 0.2 — 0.3 mm) — the first marking figure 2;
  • semi-commercial (the thickness was more — 0,4 — 0,7 mm) — figure 3;
  • commercial (surface layer more than 0.7 mm) — figure 4.

The second digit marks (1 — 4) indicates the load that can withstand the coating. Analyze the example. In the bedroom, you can choose household linoleum (21), and for the corridor will look semi-commercial version (23 or 24).

The commercial grade linoleum in the apartment (the first digit is 3) is not quite appropriate. First, expensive, and hardly at home increased loads on the floor.

What is better to choose linoleum for apartments for abrasion?

Two similar types of linoleum, more will be the one who has better abrasion. Be sure to consider this option. Do not overpay for nothing when you select flooring in the apartment:

  • group T is the most resistant to wear;
  • group R — average durability;
  • group M — low resistance to the appearance of aesthetic flaws;
  • group F — the most fragile samples.

How to choose linoleum for the structure?

To choose the right flooring in an apartment, you need to consider its type. Linoleum can be with different structures: homogeneous and multi-layered. In the first case the figure permeates the entire thickness of the linoleum. Second, if you look at the cut, it is clear that the image is on the surface. That is, the multilayer coating.

Linoleum with a homogeneous structure more durable. This type of coating should be selected for walk-through rooms. For children’s bedrooms, you can buy multilayer option. The only point layers should be at least two or three. Otherwise the linoleum will last long.

Laminate or linoleum — what would you choose in an apartment?

Laminate flooring, like linoleum, is also quite popular type of flooring. Landlords often choose between these two materials. Definitely say that it is better difficult. Here you need to keep in mind:

  • terms of use;
  • the style of the room;
  • the functional purpose of the room.

In the kitchen, for example, it is better to choose linoleum. It is well to clean, not afraid of water. But with the usual laminate will have to be handled carefully — if it gets wet, it is likely will become worthless. You can certainly buy water-resistant laminate. But it will cost more. Although, it should be noted that laminate looks noble.

More ideas about what to choose for the decoration of floor in the kitchen, read here.

And another caveat. If you plan to install the floor yourself, it is better to choose linoleum. Such work can not handle even people far from the repair and construction works. But laying laminate flooring will require skill and certain skills.

How to choose linoleum for the apartment and not to miscalculate the color?

It is very important not to be mistaken with a choice of colors of linoleum. To the interior of the apartment looks cozy and beautiful, you need to consider to think carefully about the design.

Designers team Decorin suggest to use color as a tool for the visual correction of flaws of planning. For example, if the room is small, choose light-colored linoleum without a pattern. As in this photo.

So visually the room will seem more spacious. Comfortably on the floor look:

  • gold;
  • sand;
  • light brown;
  • pistachio shades.

You can choose the color of the linoleum to make the door. Here as here.

But to choose linoleum floors the color of the curtains is not necessary — it will make the room heavy.

Dark rich shades look good in bright rooms.

What is the width of the linoleum to choose for an apartment?

On the market you can find linoleum of different widths. The best option is to choose flooring that wide as one of the walls. In this case, the floor will be covered with one piece of linoleum, and you don’t have to fool with connecting joints.

Tip: buy the linoleum a bit of margin. In the process of laying it may be that the floor is not quite “right” from the point of view of geometry. So, it is easier to cut off excess than to think about how to get out of the situation.

Before laying linoleum, you have to give it time to even out. Just flatten the roll and leave for a few days.

How to choose a quality flooring for the apartment?

Undertaking repair, the first thing we care about the aesthetic side of the issue. But it is equally important to know what building materials are safe.

Choose linoleum for trusted sites, specialized in offline stores — you’ll avoid several troubles. Be sure to ask the certificate of quality.

But to get the linoleum “street” is not necessary. Direct sunlight in summer and low winter temperatures have a detrimental effect. It is unlikely that such linoleum will last at least some time.

Well-proven in the domestic environment linoleum Tarkett. With affordable price it has a good quality and wide choice of color palette.

I hope that this article of the draft Dekorin you learn important information. Now you know how to choose linoleum for apartments — go for it!

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