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If you are puzzled by the problem of how to choose air conditioning for apartment, this article from the project Dekorin will be most welcome. We’ll try to figure out what principles you need to find HVAC equipment, and how to avoid common mistakes. And the selected photo will help to imagine how air conditioning organically fit into the interior.

How to choose the right air conditioner for apartments?

Large selection of models can puzzle anyone. To make things right, before purchasing the air conditioner in the apartment should decide for what purpose you need.

Modern models in addition to cooling can:

  • to raise the temperature in the room;
  • to clean and humidify the air;
  • to deal with the humidity in the off-season;
  • to provide breathability, performing air intake from the street.

Naturally, the more features will be built into the instrument, so it will be more expensive. Decide: you need some expensive “gizmo” or more simple in functional terms the budget model.

For example, funds invested in an expensive air conditioning, which can perform heating pays off. As practice shows, in the spring and autumn period, this installation significantly reduces the account to pay for heating.

An important parameter choice is the noise level. Loud split system will attract attention and annoy. Choose the apartment air conditioning with indicators no more than 25-35 dB.

Choosing the best air conditioner for apartment

Air conditioners come in different types. Let’s “stroll” in the most common and decide which one is better to choose:

  • The split system. These air conditioners consist of two parts: internal (installed in the apartment) and outdoor (attached to the facade outside).
  • 2. The monoblock. Air conditioners of this type are of the window (that is mounted in the window aperture). Another option candy bar is a mobile outdoor setting. The last pros — you can move around the apartment. Minus — pipe, through which the intake air must pass through the window. This creates certain problems: in summer, the room will arrive hot and in winter cold air.

    3. Recessed convectors. This is the most attractive option, as the conditioning is built into the floor, in the closet, the wall. The disadvantage of such a unit is desirable to establish at the stage of overhaul. Otherwise, you will have to damage the existing design and start repair again. And this is also “gonna cost”.

    In most cases, issues with cooling and heating are successfully resolved with the help of split-systems.

    How to choose a conditioner for apartments: important points

    Reliable air conditioner for apartment is not cheap. But what if the funds are insufficient? There are three choices:

  • To choose the model, which have enough money and after some time regret acquiring.
  • Temporarily to endure the inconvenience and to save.
  • Think about buying in advance. Experienced shopaholics say that the fall and winter you can buy a good air conditioning at a discount.
  • How to choose air conditioning given the size of the apartment?

    Air conditioning to cope with the tasks, you need to select the model desired power. Follow this rule. “Take” at 1 kW per 10 m2 area of the apartment. Add 100 watts for each person living in the house (including animals), 200 watts “throw” for household appliances, 700 W — cooktop, stovetop or oven. This formula is pretty conventional, but it allows you to navigate approximately you need to.

    By the way, on many sites that sell HVAC equipment, there is a special online calculators. If you make your parameters (size of the apartment, the ceiling height, etc.), will receive a more accurate calculation.

    Power is perhaps one of the most important technical characteristics. If the unit is weak, it will quickly become worthless. To take conditioning with extra capacity is not worth it. It will be too intense to work (often to shut off and turn on), that too will lead to failure.

    Whether to choose inverter air conditioner for an apartment?

    Immediately I must say that the inverter air conditioner is more expensive than linear. However, if you choose the right model you buy, you will be satisfied. Low noise and easy to use it can properly serve for many years.

    This climate engineering is different:

    • more adjustable settings;
    • a low level of noise;
    • economical power consumption.

    Minus the inverter air conditioners — the sensitivity to voltage drops in the network, costly repairs.

    Air conditioning with additional functionality — which is better to choose?

    First you need to decide, and for what, actually, I need more functions? Let’s understand that better.

    You can choose a conditioner that will:

    • To ionize the air. This feature is especially useful for those who suffer from migraine headaches, cardiovascular diseases. Full of negative ions the air helps to normalize blood pressure and to sleep.
    • Equipped with additional filters.
    • To run the self-cleaning function.
    • To inform about the problems after self-test.

    Which of the above you really need? Read the reviews of those who have already enjoyed the air conditioning. So you will understand whether to pay more.

    Select the model of the ranking of the best conditioners for apartments

    Choosing air conditioning for apartment, check out different ratings. In the premium segment are considered the best models of brands Daikin, Mitsubishi Heavy, General Fujitsu. These air conditioners operate faultlessly for a long time, do not create problems in maintenance.

    Air conditioning brands such as Hitachi, Panasonic, Toshiba, LG, Samsung, Sharp, cheaper, but have less warranty period.

    To include the budget brand from China. Air conditioners General Climate of firms, Aeronik, RiX, Ballu, Electrolux.

    How to choose air conditioning, so it perfectly fits into the interior of the apartment?

    In addition to the technical parameters of the selected air conditioner, it is important to consider the aesthetic side of the issue.

    The unit for a long time harmoniously into the design of the apartment in style and color. Here are some photos.

    Pictured here is the interior different in color design and style. However, in each room there is air conditioning.

    HVAC equipment can be hidden behind furniture facades, racks. So, for example.

    And can be put on public display as a full-fledged art object.

    This air conditioner has a special niche.

    As you can see, you can find the opportunity to seamlessly fit the air conditioning, even in a classic interior.

    But to know how and where to place the conditioning is from this article.

    I hope the recommendations of the draft Dekorin helped you. Now you have an idea on how to choose a conditioner for apartments. Have a nice shopping!

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