House in French style — romance and simplicity (69 photos of examples)

House in the French style — the dream of any romance. The identity of the Parisian design inspires. She is able to breathe a freshness and lightness to any interior. The project Dekorinхотел to show you the basic principles that underpin this unique direction. Ready to wave in France? Go!

Looks like a house in the French style? Distinctive features of the architecture (with photos)

Not all of us can boast that we have a house in France somewhere among the lavender fields or on the coast of the Seine… But to convey the spirit and mood of Paris is possible if you arrange appropriately, the facade of a private house and its interior.

So, what are the architectural signs learn the French style? Well, first, the house should be spacious enough and light. Windows — large, with multiple partitions, often arched or panoramic. (More information about the French Windows here).

This style was formed more than a century. The influence of different historical epochs. Vintage French house had absorbed features:

  • The Romanesque era. This is the period of XI — XII centuries, when there was an active construction of churches, castles. Hence — domed vaults, round arches, and various architectural ornaments.
  • The Gothic era. This is a later period, the formation of which was completed closer to the XV—XVI centuries yoku. A symbol of Gothic — pointed arch.
  • The Renaissance (XVI — beginning of XVII century). Here’s the columns, pilasters. The facades are strictly symmetrical, patterned.
  • Rococo (XVIII — XIX). From this historical period French style took the elegance, sophistication, abundance of decorative elements.

It should be noted that there are three main architectural direction a La France:

  • Chateau;
  • Provence;
  • the Norman style.

Here are the completed projects of houses in French style.

Impressive, isn’t it? Here, arched Windows and Gothic — in a word, fabulous.

If you are planning to build a house in the suburban area, consider any interesting project in the French style. Here are ideas for inspiration. In such houses, like real castles, it seems, and now live princesses, kings and Queens.

French style in interior (examples pictured)

French style in the interior is extraordinary attention to detail, comfort, some kind of subtle lightness and airiness. In contrast to the categorical high-tech and one-sided minimalist French style lends itself not to everyone. Some of the tasks for the experienced designers.

Here, take a look at these photos.

First impression — just as much. But, looking more closely, I realize how much soul is invested in every piece of furniture. It becomes clear why you selected a particular color in the decoration of the walls.

But — all in good time.

French style does not tolerate low ceilings. In a modest space lost all his magic, escapes this special charm.

And again. No desire to bring everything to perfection. On the contrary, allowed some roughness, unevenness. You could even say that they bring a mood to the interior, set the tone.

Generally speaking, there are:

  • Classic French style. It is characterized by lightness, loftiness, purity and the desire for freedom in space. Here’s how it looks.
  • French country (Provence). This direction resonates with a classic, but a more original character. You don’t hold back and realize different design ideas.

Living room interior in the French style — what to take for a basis?

For interior room in a country house French style — the idea is just great. The space will turn festive, cozy, with hints of chic. The main thing — do not overdo the gloss. The idea is to modestly hint at wealth. No pomp and pretentiousness.

For the walls use decorative plaster, sometimes Wallpaper. The best solution is painted in a matte slightly bleached color:

  • ivory;
  • pale-olive;
  • white;
  • ecru;
  • light pink;
  • grey;
  • pale blue.

If the choice fell on Wallpaper — you can use the light with a small floral print. They look like slightly faded chintz.

The ceiling should be perfectly smooth, white. If the height of the room allows, you can decorate it with a plaster stucco, rosettes and moldings.

The easier option — suspended ceiling with bulk printing. Kind of impressive — not be distinguished from these plaster elements.

The flooring will approach the granite, parquet, wood.

The essence of the decor that the design does not attract all the attention. The main role here is played by the furniture. It is different in color and texture, “alive” and seems to be completely combined together. But this whole “salt”. Ottomans, dressers, Desk console sofa each element has its own history and energy. And it is the unifying link.

Much attention is given to textiles. For upholstery use satin. It hardly highlights the texture fits in the General idea of the French style. Sometimes the padding repeats the Wallpaper print.

How to implement the French interior in the bedroom?

The bedroom, decorated in the spirit of Paris, all the attention is confined to bed. It should be big, comfortable, with a massive headboard, canopy. The colors in the walls, too muted, restrained. Traced throughout peaceful harmony, elegant beauty, restraint and dignity.

Expensive linens, curtains and other textiles are contrasted to the forged elements of the headboard. This is especially evident in the black-and-white interiors, decorated in the French style.

Kitchen design French style

But the kitchen looks great in the style of French country. The design can be filled with different “stuff”.

Appropriate here:

  • kitchen utensils similar to rural;
  • textile covers for the chairs;
  • tables with curved legs;
  • vintage crystal chandeliers;
  • textured wooden beams;
  • floor tiles;
  • French curtains.

It is important to be able to create in the kitchen a special mood. This will help textile — it should be a lot. This is different capes, lace mini pillows, curtains with fringe, cloth.

To furniture no special requirements. This can be a modern set, a stylized antique or any antique items.

Designers Dekorin wanted to say that to draw a house in the French style can be different. But before you choose something as a basis, listen to their inner feelings. The interior is supposed to be native. So, where you want to reside and receive guests.

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