French style in the interior — what is his magic?

French style in the interior is difficult to put into any dogma. This is something airy, winged, sometimes unsaid. One word — Paris. This style need internally to feel to fall in love with him, then you may be able to recreate in your home a piece of France. Dekorin picked up for you. Look, dream … and go for it!

French style in the interior — 5 encrypted codes

French style in interior honed over the years. He is not afraid of expensive materials, of conviviality, but does not scream loudly. On the contrary, at every step (in the selection of furniture, textiles, color) sense of restraint and dignity.

Vintage headset find its place in the design, peacefully getting on with a more modern interior.

  • The French appreciate the fact, which emanate from the story. How the uniform ensemble of seemingly incompatible things, has its own poetry. Try to guess these rhymes, looking at these photos.
  • 2. There is nothing artificial. Finishing materials typically of natural origin. Wood, stone, ceramic, and no plastic!

    3. Take a look at the photos. Despite the fact that the actual interior looks expensive, no hint of ostentation. Everything is presented without unnecessary pathos.

    4. Clearly the idea that the “right” design can breathe life in any room. Here are examples and modest apartment, and those where pressure is not an issue. Agree, it’s not in square meters and in approach.

    5 .Sensual colors. The shades that are chosen for the decoration, in harmony with natural colors. Milk, cream, grey, blue, beige, olive at the same time, the tone is a bit faded, as if lost brightness from time to time. And this, too, has its unfathomable magic.

    More about how to look at home in the French style can be found here.

    French interiors of apartments — inexperienced chic and restraint in each stroke

    Look at the interiors of French homes.

    If you appreciate ease and completely devoid of stereotypes, you will be comfortable in this design. Throw away all doubts, mix styles and periods. Most importantly, apply a “French cocktail” in the right frame.

    Wall in any case must not be empty. Appropriate anything you think of: paintings, tapestries, mirrors, wrought-iron frames, wall clocks of different shapes.

    In each line guessed something bizarre-a mystery. There are no strict Parallels and even direct. On the contrary, some curls and curves. You can see them:

    • the legs in luxurious console table;
    • at the head of the bed;
    • in the form of a chandelier;
    • finishing ceiling areas (moldings, rosettes, moldings);
    • the prints textiles.

    And another important point. There is nothing in duplicate. Every piece is unique in itself, with its energy and mood. If table vase — the only one of its kind. Candle holder — definitely unlike any other.

    As in the French style to fit the Wallpaper?

    Wallpaper in the interior is decorated in the French style, are permitted along with staining, textured stucco and bare brick walls. Again, without the extra gloss and Shine. Suitable paper kinds, monochrome or with a small figure. The walls must be similar to print material. Here, as in these photos.

    Usually decorated with Wallpaper all the walls. Here are the options of design, where a dedicated accent wall.

    Often areas, wallpapered, framed by using a wall-mounted plinths. It gives special charm of French style.

    Paris interior — sensual freedom and charm

    To breathe in the interior Paris the spirit of freedom, need to be able to connect:

    • antique and modern lighting;
    • small rooms in a spacious Studio;
    • old parquet floors and modern paintings.

    The feeling of freedom is also achieved due to the bright colours. Please note in the photo.

    There are a lot of white in all its manifestations, and dusty blue, pale pink, pale apricot, pearl grey, powdery.

    Due to the bright palette of the room is filled with air. Everything is decorated amazingly simple. But about boredom and the question. Every detail of the French interior is thought over to trifles. In all of our hearts.

    How does living in the French style?

    But the options of living room design in French style. With all the restraint felt warmth and comfort. Look how ash grey background envelops the space, repeating in the shade of the curtains, the carpet, the lamps.

    Due to the molding painted the same color ensemble is obtained concise and perfect. A cleaner shade of gray in the ceiling finish is refreshing and sets the tone for the interior.

    And here is dominated by beige in all its manifestations.

    Panoramic Windows contribute to the penetration of a large amount of natural light. The cream colored furniture blends into the design, it is not littered space.

    Here in spacious living room.

    Despite the seeming simplicity of the design, let’s see how much attention is paid to detail. As picked up a sofa, chair, table, console, curtains. And all this harmony lies in the creamy walls. Such a design evokes awe and admiration.

    Ideas for bedroom decor

    Bedroom in the French style — is a game of emotion. The Central place here takes the bed. It needs to be large and comfortable. Everything else is just background for her. In the bedroom, most clearly thrust to the textile.

    Very in French, if the style of the Wallpaper is repeated in the colors of the linen.

    Must be a lot of pillows, Ottomans and various other attributes of facilities. But aesthetics first and foremost.

    Over the bed canopy is appropriate.

    Some of the interiors can even be confused with a living room (except the bed). The decoration is stunning and elegant. The color palette charms, promotes relaxation and relaxation. The atmosphere of the bedroom is imbued with femininity and unsurpassed elegance.

    How to make the kitchen in the French style?

    But the ideas for decorating the kitchen space.

    French style in the kitchen is a tandem of elegance and practicality. Lots of small parts, three-dimensional carvings on the facades of furniture and lots of textiles — all this creates the impression of clutter. On the contrary, every piece of the interior of the kitchen plays its role.

    The walls and ceiling are made in one color palette. Furniture facades abound in the bulk elements. Fittings, handles in an antique style set the mood.

    The ceiling can be just white and smooth. If the height is enough, you can make the design of several tiers and to add to her spotlight. In the article “Kitchen in the French style” designers Dekorin more focus on the decor of the space.

    Like you ideas? Like the French style in the interior? If after viewing the photos, you see that it is “your”, it means that this direction is close to you in spirit. Hope we helped you find a starting point for design. Good luck, because dreams need to come true!

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