Color in the interior bedroom: choose what you like! (70 photos)

The colors in the bedroom interior can be completely different, but what exactly to give preference to? Now explain!

Redecorating your own bedroom, we often try to define the style in the first place. When this choice is made, we choose the materials planned area and imported furnishings. However, no matter what style you choose, one question becomes very serious: “what color preference?”.

Team usually knows the answer to this question. Therefore, I advise patience, inspiration and forward — read the article carefully to the end!


The color combination in bedroom interior: 20 options for the right choice!

So you started a repair, and still don’t know what color to choose? Don’t worry, we will do it for you!

We all know that the correctly chosen combination of colors in the bedroom interior is one of the main bases for the success of your repair. If the shades are discordant among themselves, it will sooner or later lead to a dissonance in your mind, soul, and thoughts. To protect yourself from such cases you should take a look at these photos:

Calm pastel colors to mix are the easiest, look here:

And here is a selection of bright, juicy shades that will decorate your bedroom and fill the house with beauty:

Cool colors can be diluted and pastel shades to complement the juicy elements:

With this amusing signs you can not be afraid to make the wrong choice. Use your health!

Bedroom interior in gray color: the choice for versatility!

Contrary to popular belief, grey is not always equal to boring. Through proper selection of colors and placement of correct accents, bedroom interior in grey is not only beautiful, but also versatile. See for yourself by looking at the photo below:

In fact, you can choose any color from a gradient. Here is an example of a deep gray accent wall. This technique makes the interior more depth and volume.

If you have a large number of fluorescent lighting, or panoramic views (as pictured below) you can afford to darken all the walls of the bedroom. See:

Here’s a more light option. Light gray hue diluted with white. Ideally, almost universal and quite boring.

Bedroom interior in brown color: natural and beauty

Bedroom interior in brown color — the choice is not for everyone. Only the happy owners of a huge number of Sunny colors in the room can afford to decorate the bedroom in a dark color.

Brown, of course you can use the upper gradient shades and draw the walls in, conventionally, the color of coffee with milk.

However, for those who want to give the bedroom more saturated and deep colors just need something to neutralize the darkness. Techniques using contrast, for example.

Don’t forget that the shades of brown include materials from natural, unpainted wood. This means that the styles such as Scandinavian, loft, country and even Provence can be performed in a similar color to your bedroom.

Deep shade of the color of dark chocolate will give your bedroom a chic and comfort. To sleep you will be comfy, no doubt!

Bedroom interior in lavender color: creativity and imagination in design

Want to decorate your bedroom in a lavender color, but I’m afraid it will look too pretentious and Intrusive? Do not hesitate, because if you like this color Dekorin will find many options for successful realization of this idea!

Just look at these pictures! Would such a thing?

Do not argue, lilac color no longer belongs to the category of the exotic than to the standard set. However, to vary this color, mix and combine shades not only possible, but necessary. Verify this with photo examples!

Provence style is very well fitted with lilac and purple flowers. Lavender motifs is the basis of this style, and it means that all the cards you have on hand! Look how pretty it may look.

By the way, if you like chic and Royal decor look here:

Purple just perfectly fits the atmosphere of the silk sheets, moldings, canopies and massive overhead chandeliers.

By the way, if you want to know more about lilac and purple color, follow the link and read the article!

Also, these shades blend perfectly with the gold. That’s how easy and fun can embellish obstanovochku in the bedroom, right?

Beige color in the interior bedroom: attractive Nude

Beige color in the interior bedroom — a very typical choice. Bright colors, as you know, add lightness and visually expand the space.

Beige color is suitable for small, cramped bedrooms, and large studios.

These shades can be combined with woody materials, such as here:

… and even with other, more strict and radical colors, such as here:

Equip the bedroom in natural shades of beige gradient and enjoy the beauty!

And want a white bedroom? Read the article from Dekorin, we will tell you how to bring your desires to life!

Bedroom interior in green colors: rich depth of spring freshness

Green is the “tsimes” for lovers of natural and natural shades. If your intention is to design the interior bedroom in the greens — do it, just without thinking!

The natural richness of the green is a godsend for any man, just look at the photo:

If you haven’t heard about it, we’ll tell you green is very soothing and is perceived by the human eye as a kind of “sedative”. Needless to say that for the bedroom, such a choice would be more correct.

Light green, or light green color will enliven the atmosphere and will immerse you in a state of eternal spring.

Celadon in combination with white or ivory color will create the effect of coolness and freshness.

The deep green hue on the accent wall will make the interior richer and nobler.

Which option to choose — decide. Anyway, and to get a nice, honestly say!

Bedroom interior in blue color: the freshness and feeling of morning coolness

The color blue in bedroom decorations is a very advantageous option for any apartment. Even if the bedroom is located on the North side and the sun peeks in your Windows quite rarely, don’t despair, just pick the right tone!

Look at the photo, because this color is perfectly suited for all styles: from Provence to the loft! A miracle, isn’t it?

Arrange the interior of his bedroom in blue color and you will enjoy this choice a very long time, believe me.

So color can transform a room beyond recognition. Dekorinпризывает — love yourself, love all that surrounds you! Choose colors in the interior of the bedroom by his heart and not based on cold calculation. Use the sensible tips from our designers, create the beauty around and delight loved ones!

Good luck!

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